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About Us

100% Organic High Vibe Modern Funk! 

Corey Dee Williams (founding member) began 3-DN with the desire to  bring various artists together in musical collaborations to experiment with original ideas. After a long hiatus from song writing, he was looking for a way to use over two decades of production and writing experience to begin creating something fresh and unique. As a young bass player, Corey was heavily influenced by the original creators of the Funk genre such as James Brown, George Clinton, Bootsy Colins, Sly Stone, and Larry Graham to name a few. While funky music seemed to be making a comeback, he noticed that a lot of the originality that gave birth to the genre, seemed to be missing. 


Corey sought out and connected with other like-minded musicians to work with, and began experimentation, recording and editing live jam sessions, and 3-DN was born. The name 3-Dee Nucleus came from the project’s use of rhythm, bass, and guitar, as the “3” elements at the “nucleus” of their creations, and the “Dee” deriving from Corey Dee’s involvement. 3-DN is a project like no other. Some people may consider it a band, and while it may consist of core members, there are no real creative boundaries. It is an artistic collaboration between musicians that share enthusiasm for creating original music.

The project began in CD's Luxe Lounge with three very talented friends: Curtis Cumbo (bass), Corey Dee (bass), and Matt Williamson (guitar). They were soon joined by James Wend II (electronic drums), Mike McNesby (guitar) and Matt Supnick (bass/guitar). Not long afterward, many acquaintances, old and new, began to join the funky family including several legendary musicians: Monte Pittman (guitar), John Fluker (pianist/vocalist), Barry Wilkins (guitar), including artists from all over the US, and eventually all around the globe! The family continues to grow!


The project’s main objective is to experiment with rhythms, various moods, mix genres, and to at times transcend predictable song structure, resulting in an eclectic atmospheric sound. The spontaneous quality of the music begins with the chemistry between the musicians creating it. Multiple instrumentalists artfully weaving together a groove, with reactive rhythms, is the main ingredient.