100% Organic High Vibe Eclectic Funk! 

3-Dee Nucleus creates a unique style of atmospheric, modern funky music, for use in theatrical productions such as television shows, films, commercials, and video games. The nucleus of the music is created mostly from recorded improv, giving it a raw spontaneous edge, and a high vibe sound. Collaborations are then edited by the project's founder and Producer Corey Dee Williams. The name 3-Dee Nucleus comes from the project’s use of rhythm, bass, and guitar, as the “3” elements at the “nucleus” of their creations, and the “Dee” deriving from Corey Dee’s involvement.


The project’s main objective is to experiment with rhythms, various moods, mix genres, and at times  to transcend predictable song structure, resulting in an eclectic atmospheric sound. The spontaneous quality of the music begins with the chemistry between the musicians creating it. Multiple bass players and guitarists artfully weaving together a groove, with reactive rhythms, are the msain ingredient. 

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