Corey Dee Williams

Founding Member, Producer/Arranger, Bass Player, Instrumentalist, Vocalist.

Corey Dee, (son of actor Billy Dee Williams), brings his experience as a Producer and his passion for combining various musical styles and discovering fresh approaches. His rhythmic method of bass playing, along with enthusiasm for creating grooves, gives the music a funky edge.

Matt Williamson

Founding Member, Recording and Mixing Engineer, Guitarist.

A graduate of Full Sail University, and an experienced Sound Engineer, Matt is instrumental in creating the tight, punchy sound of 3-DN. As the original guitarist, he helped influence the direction of the Nucleus, adding a flavorful Funk Rock vibe to project creations.

Curtis Cumbo

Founding Member, Co-Concept Creator, Bassist.

Curtis is a seasoned bassist, who has many years of experience touring on the road with various artists. He is a Grooveologist, from sweet jazzy melodic lines, to aggressive high energy Funk. So tightly knit with Corey Dee, it’s difficult at times to hear a division between them. His imaginative concepts have an influence on the creative direction of 3-DN. 

James Wend II

Core Member, Drummer, Rythmatist.

Jimi began playing drums at an early age; he was born with rhythm in his soul. He has extensive experience as a Progressive Rock drummer, and also playing inspirational music with various ensembles. He is referred to in 3-DN as “Bigfoot” not only because he sometimes prefers to play without shoes, but also for is double bass drum techniques.

Mike McNesby

Core Member, Guitarist, Instrumentalist, Web Advisor.

aka McNez, is a true visionary, and gifted guitarist who experiments with sounds, techniques, and musical directions. Know in 3-DN for his imaginative riffs, using everything from vintage pedals to bowing techniques. He is often the inspiration for expanding the use of unusual sounds, and stretching the music in unpredictable directions.

Matt Supnik

Core Member, Bassist, Instrumentalist, Vocalist.

A former member of the national touring group, The School of Rock All-Stars, Supnick brings incredibly flavorful and melodic bass artistry to the Nucleus. His unique vocal style and soulful ad-libs are a fresh, inspiring addition to the 3-DN Project. 

Contributing Artists

Some of our many contributing artists and collaborators, past and present, include… Stephen Costantino, John Fluker, Louis Hohl, James Patrick Morgan, Barry Wilkins, Bob Scarr, Kenneth Lovell Jr., Sheem One The MC...

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