The Cloud City Funk REMIX!! "...What have we here?" ...a Special Funky Friday May the 4th presenation, featuring Star Wars Celebration 2017, DragonCon 2017 and the ladies of Cloud City Funk! 

The Beat Strikes Back!!

...The anticipated sequel to our video "Cloud City Funk"!! We took a little Funk and mixed in some Hip-Hop! ...Including all new video from DragonCon 2017, Featuring SheemOne, Hip-Hop Trooper, Crunk Jedi, Ray Park, Members of the 501st Legion, and many of our friends and cosplayers!

CLOUD CITY FUNK!! - The Funk Awakens

The first episode of our Cloud City Funk series! Video shot entirely at Star Wars 40th Anniversary Celebration Orlando

Featuring: Billy Dee Williams, Mark Hamill, Ray Park, Deep Roy

Coming soon… Cloud City Funk : The Beat Strikes Back

Funk 4 Jimi

100% Organic High Vibe Eclectic Funk!

Complete and total musical improvisation ...sit in on one of our jam sessions, and have a look at where most of our music originates. 

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